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Pastel portrait in color
peinture au paste-enfant au bord de l'eau
Portrait au pastel de jeune fille
portrait au pastel petite fille
portrait au pastel
Portrait au pastel

You can see on this page examples of portraits that I paint on velvet paper with pastel colors. The main characteristics of painting with pastels on velvet paper is the soft fusion of tones and colours. It is possible to acquire on that paper really very fine gradations of tones , because the velvet paper is very sensitive to the pressure applied by the pastels.

The range of colours is also very large. It is possible to find hundreds of colours and tones in the shops for artist material. For certain very particular colours, I make my pastels myself with pigments and Arabic gum.

The true beauty of the pastel is in the velvety aspect of the final painting as well as in the delicacy of nuances which is possible to acquire by superimposing the colours. That's why, this technique is my preferred because it is perfectly suitable for portraits in colour.
The pastel painting also allows to go very near in to the details of the face, and to paint with delicacy all the variety of the nuances which composes the face.
Once the portrait is ended, I protect it with a fixative, what makes that the pastel becomes resistant, it keeps very well, especially if it is protected with a glass and framed.

To order a portrait painted with pastel colors, it would be necessary to send me one or several photographs of the face You want to be painted.
The price of a colour portrait with pastel is 80 £ for the 30 X 40 cm size. For every additional face to be painted on the same picture, it will cost 50 £ more.
For instance, a portrait with 3 faces would cost 190 £ ( 80 +50 + 50 = 180 £) + 10 £ for postage and packing.

You will find all information concerning order as well as payment on the page : Place an order