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dessin d'enfant sur papier velours
A very soft expression frees from this portrait that I realised on a light grey velvet paper.
This technique allows me to work well and easily the volume of the face because the lights were drawn with a white mine, which comes out well on this grey velvetpaper.
For the drawings and the work of shades, I used a black pencil as well as different mines of grey tones.
This portrait, as well as those who follow, are all accomplished in a single session but by remaining most concentrated possible.
This portrait was drawn with only a soft graphite pencil on linenpaper. It is possible, thanks to this technique, to acquire a very big delicacy and a lot of precision in the details of the face
There is nothing more precise that a perfectly sharpened pencil and it was ideal in that case to draw al the nuances, so delicate, that You can see on this face.
With a lot of practice and by working every day, drawing becomes as easy as walking or speaking.
petite fille avec des couettes
Here is another example of a portrait of a child realized with pencils .
The portraits which I show You here are those that I offer You to order from Your own photograph for 40 £.
I wanted to give this very delightful price to allow every body to order a portrait easily and receive an original picture from an artist.
In most cases, the delay of realization and dispatch of Your portrait will be about 2 weeks.But sometimes, this delay can be too long for You if You want to offer a portrait next week for instance. In urgence, contact me and I shall say to You if I can draw Your portrait and send it to You faster.
Internet allows to gain time and You can send me Your photographs within minutes. If I start to accomplish the portrait as soon as i receive Your photographs and send it to You immediatly when finished, it will go very quickly, as you can imagine it.
Here is a style of composition which I accomplish very often. I am often asked to draw and paint together several faces which are on different photographs.
It is a very interesting work because the result must be very balanced and each face must find his place on the picture.
It even arrived at me one day to draw a picture of a group consisting of thirteen faces. Regularly, I draw and paint portraits of couples or pictures of family with three, four or five faces together.
Portraits drawn with pencil or painted with pastel and oil represent the most of my activity and always keep my priority. These are portraits which are ordered to me and accomplished from photograph and model in my studio
Next to it, I like to paint pictures which represent other subjects, with a predilection for subjects like the daily life and topic of womanhood particularly. These are often paintings of big sizes which are all visible in my studio.
Composition de qutre visages
dessin d'enfant
dessin au crayon
crayon sur papier toilé
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Couple souriant
Portrait of a smiling couple drawn from a photograph taken outside. Some modifications were made in comparison with the photograph: Shades on the face of the young woman were lighted, to acquire a more shining expression, the face was a bit extended, because it is a bit plan on the basic photograph behind. The hairstyle of his companion was also supplemented. All these modifications contribute to a more harmonious composition.
Portrait au crayon
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