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It is located in France. Several exhibition rooms are directly annexed to the creation studio and numerous paintings are exposed, mostly portraits
If you visit the country one day, you will be welcome to come and see the workshop and to discover portraits and paintings in the stage of realization. Nevertheless, if it is not possible, this site will allow you to look at my pictures, to inform you on my drawing techniques and to order a portrait easily.
It is in front of this easel, that you can see on the first photograph, that I pass the biggest part of my days by drawing and painting portraits from model or photograph. My favourite technique remains the pencil drawing for portraits in black and white and pastel for colour portraits.
I like to draw with graphite pencils in different hardness (from 2B to 7B). This technique allows to draw the finest details of the face because nothing is more definite than a well sharpened pencil. I begin drawing the outlines of the face with a pencil rather hard (2 h or HB) and I continue then working details by using a more soft mine (2 in 4B), to end with the most soft pencils (5 in 7B) which suit perfectly for the returning of the deepest shades.
The paper on which I draw has also a big importance. My preferences go towards linen paper type which gives an interesting texture to the drawings by allowing to modulate the lines. I also use every day velvet paper which makes easier the work of gradations because it is very sensitive to the pressure of the pencil or the pastel. On this type of paper, with one single colour, it is possible to acquire a whole range of nuances which go from the light to the dark only by pressing more or less hard on the mine or the pastel.
If you have questions on my manner of drawing and on the materials which I use, do not hesitate to write me

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