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Very young, I had a natural aptitude to draw. I began making pencil sketches regularly at about 8-9 years and I made my first portraits at about 10-12 years by reproducing faces found in magazines or drawing people of my child circle. At school, I was often asked to draw faces of my friends with pencils.

Then, my 19 years marked my entrance at the school of Fine Arts where I could learn other techniques and open me to other forms of creation as the engraving and the sculpture. At tthat time, I also painted a lot of copies of old masters on canvas to learn the techniques of the oil painting, especially the Flemish painters whose paintings I admire. It influenced my style of drawing towards a resolutely classical way.

I quickly understood that my first vocation would be first of all the portrait painting and since the end of my studies at the school of Fine Arts, I always drew and painted portraits from model and photograph. At my beginning, the reactions of people which looked at my work o rwho i could paint from live, were very positive and it encouraged me lot in this way.
Nowadays, I am installed in a vast studio in France near Strasbourg, where I paint portraits with pencils,pastels and oil .
Nevertheless, the pencil drawing accomplished in only one single session keeps my preference. Perhaps because I always did that. I pointed out that pencil drawings, although having not the same "finish" as an oil painting, has some time a stronger likeness. It is partly because of the more spontaneous character of the pencil drawing.
I made this website to offer you this type of portraits which requires directness and simplicity to go straight to the most characteristic lines of the face.
Farther, you will find my advices on the manner of painting a portrait which are the synthesis of my years of daily practice of the portrait.

For the persons who like portraitdrawings, or who draw already regularly, I wrote some lines on my vision of the portrait drawing farther and how to approach it. These are personal reflexions which could help some artists and could may be not be suitable for others.

My personal advices for portrait painting

Portrait in color
Portrait in black and white