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The Portrait Studio can realize for You a portrait from Your favourite photograph,with pencil, or colour pastel

Pencil portrait drawn from a color photo

A portrait drawn or painted from your photos is an original and touching gift idea, which leaves nobody emotionless. Offered at a affordable price to every body, this offer will allow you to receive an original and individual artwork. Delivery all over the world.
Here are two styles of portraits which I paint from your photos:

pastelportrait on velvet paper
The portrait drawn with pencils in black and white is offered to you at the price of 40 £ (or 80 US $ ) for the 12" x 16 " size (30 x 40 cm)
The colour portrait with pastels is offered to you at the price of 80 £ ( or 160 US $ ) for the 12"x16" size ( 30 x 40 cm)
The rather important price difference between these two techniques is due to the fact that the pastelpainting in colour is a more elaborated technique than the pencil drawing. Painting with pastels also asks more time. By clicking on graphics, you will have more precise informations on these two techniques

Three good reasons to order your portrait

- You will order directly your portrait to the artist who, if you wish it, will advise you by e-mail for the choice of your photographs and answer at all your questions personally.

- You will benefit from a " Studio-price " because there is no intermediary between the artist and you.

- You will be able to fix with the artist the date of reception of your picture whom you will receive mostly in less than 15 days

Portrait in black and white
Pastel portrait in color

You will also be able to visit the different pages of this site, discover the other portraits and paintings displayed in my workshop, make inquiries about my techniques and my way to draw and to paint a portrait.

My advices for the portrait painting

I would also apologize for my average english, i am a french artist